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Relationships are hard, even under "normal" circumstances.  Navigating a once carefree easy relationship can be a lot harder as life becomes more complicated during the reproductive years. There are so many decisions to make and doing it with a partner with different beliefs, values, and experiences from your own can feel daunting.  The mental load can become unbearable for one partner and lead to resentment and sometimes anger. Having the time and space to communicate and focus on your relationship can make a big difference.  Our couples counselor has years of experience coaching couples to better communicate and support each other. 

Sarah BIO self pic.jpeg
Sarah Izaguirre, LCSW

Pronouns: she/her

Areas of Focus:

Couples/Marriage Counseling

Pregnancy/Postpartum/Parenting Support

Relationship Transitions 

Trauma-Informed Care

Military Relationship Dynamics (Private Pay Only)

Insurances Accepted:

HMSA (Quest and all plans)



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